• Play Groups Separated by Size and Temperament

    For any questions, click here

    Play Groups Separated by Size and Temperament

    For any questions, click here

  • Daycare At Planet Pooch

    Large or small, your dog will enjoy every day it stays at Planet Pooch. Naturally social creatures, dogs love to play with each other, and they get plenty of it at our daycare centers. We provide a dog-centric atmosphere for your pooch and top safety, trained supervision, and complete transparency for you, the Owner.

    Trained staff watches dogs

    Transparency, Safety, and a Trained Staff

    You can check-in on our playgroups anytime with HD cams. We’re so confident you will find Planet Pooch to be fun and safe that we don’t require an appointment to come observe the playgroups. We have a one-way mirror so you can watch your dog play without disturbing the whole group. Guiding the group are our carefully vetted Certified K-9 Attendants, trained in learning theory, dog behavior, and pack dynamics. They are experts at keeping balance and equilibrium in every Planet Pooch playgroup.

    Outdoor dog play

    Smart Discipline

    Our Certified K-9 Attendants use distraction and negative punishment – better known as timeouts – to extinguish rude behaviors. When a dog displays an unwanted behavior, such as: nuisance barking, humping, jumping up, etc., they are given a 20 second timeout. Eventually, they create an association with the rude behavior and make a decision to stop doing it. It’s an effective and humane way to make each Pooch a better K9 citizen. To find our daycare safety policies, click here.

    Dogs and staff get along

    Large, Well-Appointed Play Areas

    At Planet Pooch, your dog has lots of room to play and run. When it’s time to relax, we have cozy spots to curl up and recharge. Our entrances are designed to minimize surprises and confrontation, so every pooch enjoys a stress-free day

    Discounts for public service

    Generous Community Discounts

    We're proud to invite public service members and employees of our partner businesses. Discounts are offered to members of the following organizations: Genentech, Google, Facebook, Stanford. We also offer discounts for service members: Veterans, Teachers, Firemen, Police, Nonprofits, Union Members.

  • Fun Day For Your Pooch From $44

    First time visitors to Planet Pooch require a friendliness evaluation before being admitted. Just fill out an application, which includes a Planet Pooch nametag for your dog.


    For information about the friendliness evaluation and other daycare questions, check out our FAQ. The first evaluation is $10 and includes a name tag. A special needs evaluation is available for $30.


    Single Visit



    5-Day Pack

    or $43 per day


    10-Day Pack

    Just $39 per day.


    20-Day Pack

    Great value at

    $32.75 per day!

    ** $580 **

    Weekday Monthly Pass

    Best value at

    only $26.34 per day!

  • Getting Started

    Whether daycare or sleepover, your canine's adventure at Planet Pooch begins here. In just 3 steps, your pooch will be bounding about, meeting friends, and enjoying the days that you're away.

    Get started at planet pooch



    Provide us some basic information in our application and provide us with your dog’s vaccine history. Then call to set up a friendliness evaluation.

    Friendliness evaluation at planet pooch

    Friendliness Evaluation

    Bring your dog in and we’ll measure their sociability. We start with one canine ambassador that makes most dogs feel safe and comfortable. Then, we bring your dog into the playgroup area to interact with dogs representing various behaviors your pooch may encounter. Finally, we add more dogs to see if your dog remains confident. A tour of the facility and a quick overview of the pick-up and drop-off procedures finish the process.

    Schedule a visit to planet pooch

    Schedule A Visit


    Use our convenient online scheduling system and we will send you an email confirmation based on availability and current vaccination status. Bring your pooch to Planet Pooch and check-in. When you're busy or in a rush, you're going to love our

    90-second check-in/check-out

    and the time you'll save.

    Planet Pooch logo



    Apply Now

    to schedule a friendliness evaluation.

  • Start Your Application

    We're excited for your pooch to join the pack at Planet Pooch. Click below to submit an application and remember to call us at (650) 364-7792 to schedule your dog’s friendliness evaluation.

  • Conveniently Located, with Live Webcams

    Redwood city facility outdoor play area

    Just 5 minutes off 101

    • 27,000 square feet of usable play space
    • 275 gallon pool
    • Outdoor activity area
    • Climate controlled
    • Full grooming salon
    Live webcams to check in from

    Watch Your Pooch Live On Webcam

    Watch your pooch playfully bound about using our live webcams. Occasionally, we move packs to different rooms, so if you don't see your pooch in his or her regular room, check out the other rooms too.

  • Customer Center

    If you're a current customer of Planet Pooch and your pooch has already passed a friendliness evaluation, you can use these shortcuts to visit Planet Pooch. Otherwise, please use the Apply Now button above.

  • Daycare Policies

    Planet Pooch is one of the safest doggie daycare facilities in the Bay Area because we strictly monitor and enforce our safety policies. We’re proud to say that because of our top commitment to safety, Planet Pooch has the lowest accident level of doggie daycares in the San Francisco Bay Area/Peninsula. So when your pooch starts daycare, you must agree to abide by those same safety policies that make Planet Pooch fun for everyone.

    Collar & Nametag Policy

    All dogs must wear a soft quick-release collar with a name tag. Leather or cloth is fine and no metal collars are allowed. A dog without a name tag will have one made for a $10 fee, with or without notice. Also, dogs that come without a collar or with the incorrect type of collar will have a brand new one given to them for a $15 fee, with or without notice.

    Leash Policy

    We enforce leash laws at Planet Pooch. Your dog must be leashed when you drop him/her off and you must have a leash when you pick him or her up.

    Late Policy

    Please be prompt about picking up your pooch after daycare or boarding. Our late fee is $1/minute for every minute after your pick-up time. If you are 30 or more minutes late, your pooch will be boarded overnight for an additional $30.

    Cancellation Policy

    We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cannot attend a scheduled visit for any reason, please notify us by noon the day before. A late cancellation or no show will result in a charge for that day.

    Reservation Policy

    Please reserve your pooch's visit as far in advance as possible. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis, so save the stress and plan early. It also helps to book reoccurring days (i.e. every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). If you have reoccurring days, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance of any schedule changes or you will be charged for missed days. We do not automatically stop booking you when you run out of days in your pack. Let us know of any cancellations otherwise we will charge you for missed days when you renew.

    Food & Medication Policy

    We will feed and/or medicate your pooch at no additional charge. You must separate each meal for the day into separate plastic bags and label them with your dog's name, your last name, breed, and AM or PM feeding. Bins to drop-off food are located near the sign-in book. We cannot store food or medications unless your dog is boarding at the time, so do not bring more than one day's supply. If you do not individually bag each meal you will be charged $1/meal fee.

    Sick Dog Policy

    If your pooch is sick, please take him/her to the vet. We reserve the right to refuse a visit if your dog arrives sick or flea-infested. If your pooch becomes sick while at Planet Pooch, we will either quarantine the dog until you can pick him/her up or we will take the dog to our vet if we deem it necessary. You will be responsible for any vet bills.

    Cool Down/Quiet Space & Set Day Policies

    Planet Pooch managers may determine dogs may be removed from the playgroup for short durations if the dogs are destructive, triggered to aggression, or detrimental to playgroup or staff safety. Your dog may be prohibited from certain weekly set days if they are deemed unsafe on those days.

    Alternate Person Pick-Up Policy

    You must notify us if someone else is picking up your dog. You are also responsible for making sure that any person who picks-up or drops-off your dog is aware of all policies.

    Discount Package Restriction Policy

    Multi-visit discount packages are valid Monday through Friday (and used for recurring set days) or during sleepovers only. They are not redeemable for weekend or holiday daycare.

    Re-Acquaintance Policy

    Any dog that has not been to Planet Pooch in the last 3 months may be required to have another test day before attending daycare or sleepovers again.

    Holiday Surcharge Policy

    For sleepovers during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years, we require a $75 deposit to reserve. The deposit is fully refundable when you check-in to daycare or if you provide 2 weeks cancellation notice, otherwise it is forfeited. Please book holidays in advance, as space fills quickly.

  • Daycare Requirements

    To attend daycare at Planet Pooch, your dog must meet the following requirements:

    • Pass our temperament screening
    • Be at least 5 months (20 weeks) old
    • Must be neutered if male over 1 year of age
    • Must be spayed if female, regardless of age.
    • Be current on the following vaccinations:
      • DHLPP (or similar)
      • Bordetella (kennel cough)
      • Rabies
      • Canine Influenza 
    • Come to us with a quick-release collar, either leather or nylon
    • Must use a topical or oral form only for flea control (no powders or flea collars allowed)
  • Start Your Application

    We're excited for your pooch to join the pack at Planet Pooch. Click below to submit an application and remember to call us at (650) 364-7792 to schedule your dog’s friendliness evaluation.

  • Join Our Extended Universe

    When we’re not cuddling or giving generous pets to your adorable pooch, we enjoy interacting with you, hearing your stories, and showing off our new canine guests as they bound around Planet Pooch.

    Check us out on Twitter or Flickr.